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Tells Instantly If Barrel & Cylinder Are In Perfect Alignment-Match & Service Grade Available. Lets you know instantly if a revolver barrel and cylinder are in perfect alignment and if cylinder crane or yoke has been sprung, thus throwing axis of each out of line with axis of barrel bore . . . for timing - accuracy jobs . . . locating cause of lead splatter . . . professional service FAQ Smith And Wesson ForumsJan 17, 2009 · The use of a standard service diameter insert gauge also called a plug gauge and/or range rod to check barrel/cylinder alignment. Do this test automatically as a part of checkout on all accuracy problems, lead spitting complaints, and as a part of accurizing and tuning work.

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Mar 08, 2014 · The range rods (I use GTR) have a gradual taper and center themselves in the bore between the taper and the sized pilot. I like them for dialing in both ends of the barrel and finding top dead center if I am just dialing in the last two inches of the chamber end. How to align scope to rifle barrel - Rifle Forum Mar 03, 2008 · With a level, check that the doorway opening is plumb (straight up and down). With the gun as far from the doorway as possible, check plumb on the gun - - there are several ways you might do this, depending on the rifle. If the butt cap has two screws, and they appear to be nicely alligned with the gun, use Looking down the barrel when examining revolver The High Feb 15, 2012 · I clear the revolver, double check, then look down the barrel with a flashlight against the breech, cyl gap, or down bbl, I can see all the way to the firing pin, and I slowly rotate through all cylinders and check alignment with the trigger back. The inside of the current and next cylinder are always visible, all the way to the breech.

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Chamber throats measured perfectly, the barrel slugged just right, cylinder gap measured a very tight 0.003-inch, and no misalignment could be detected between the cylinder and barrel. My research then turned to the forcing cone. For those that arent sure what the forcing cone is, it is the small section of the barrel closest to the cylinder. Revolver, line boring - The Home Shop Machinist Aug 10, 2003 · I don't know method, but can visualize a dummy barrel threaded to frame to pilot the boring tool. Brownells and others sell range rods to check alignment of cylinder and barrel. [This message has been edited by JCHannum (edited 08-10-2003).] RugerForum View topic - Bore and Cylinder AlignmentFeb 04, 2013 · Before chamber/bore alignment is checked, the cylinder must fit the frame, which includes endshake, headspace, and barrel/cylinder gap. Having the cylinder lock up tightly at cock doesn't help accuracy in the absence of chamber-to-bore alignment. The bullet tries to correct minor chamber-to-bore misalignment.

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Mar 09, 2019 · I agree that the cylinder timing could be out of line. Call S&W it should be a warranty fix. If you are using copper washed bullets that could be an issue but I wouldn't expect a properly timed revolver to shoot that accurately. So start with a call to S&W. It needs to be checked with a range rod for bore/ cylinder alignment. The Art of Revolver Cleaning and Maintenance ::GunsAug 09, 2019 · If you have lots of revolvers in the same caliber, buying a $20 range rod to ensure this alignment may be a good investment. Check the lock-up of the cylinder range rods Single-ActionsJul 10, 2015 · There's another quick and dirty way to check alignment. First lathe a brass rod that precisely fits the bore (ie, land diameter). Machine one end to a fine point. Use brass to protect the rifling. Then fill the throat of each chamber with wax. Put the rod down the barrel and lighthly mark the wax.

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Oct 09, 2010 · Lock-up----Cylinder should not turn or have any excessive play when the bolt engages the cylinder cutouts. Alignment----Checked with a range rod down the barrel, range rod should slide into the cylinder without touching the mouth of the cyilinder on either side. If it does, then the cylinder is out of alignment and needs work.Adjusting barrel to cylinder alignment - Revolver Forum Feb 22, 2010 · I have a set of "range rods" from Brownells for checking barrel to cylinder alignment. The "Match" rod passes smoothly into the cylinder on most of my guns, but I have one 686 that will only pass the "Service" rod. The Match rod clunks into the edge of the cylinder and won't go in. I also don't get the accuracy I'd like out of this gun.