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Laser surface hardening of H13 steel in the melt

Abstract Laser heating caused a melting layer to form on the H13 steel, which usually has bad thermal conductivity and diffusivity. Therefore, the modified AshbyEastering heat-transfer equation was used to provide the temperature field for laser surface hardening in the melt. When the laser hardened H13 steel through surface melting, the basic microstructure of the dendrites was surrounded Surface hardening of low-alloy 15CrNi6 steel by CO2 Abstract The study investigates laser transformation hardening in the low-alloy 15CrNi6 case-hardening steel. The effect of process parameters such as beam power, beam diameter and travel speed on microstructure, case depth and hardness was examined. In addition, the effect of surface preparation was also investigated. For this purpose, all specimens were initially sandblasted, and some were

(PDF) A Fundamental Study of Laser Transformation

A theoretical and experimental study of heat flow and solid-state phase transformations during the laser surface hardening of 1018 steel was conducted. In the theoretical part of the study, a three-dimensional heat flow model was developed using the A novel method of laser surface hardening treatment Request PDF A novel method of laser surface hardening treatment inducing different thermal processing condition for Thin-sectioned 100Cr6 steel Hardness, microstructure and residual stresses KR100500080B1 - Translate this pageKR100500080B1 KR10-2002-0002775A KR20020002775A KR100500080B1 KR 100500080 B1 KR100500080 B1 KR 100500080B1 KR 20020002775 A KR20020002775 A KR 20020002775A KR 100500080 B1 KR1005

Laser surface hardening of martensitic stainless steel

Request full-text PDF. The objective of this paper is to investigate hardening characteristics of S45C medium carbon steel in a laser surface hardening process using a high power Nd:YAG laser Levis Facade KleurenwaaierTranslate this pageLevis Facade. Totaal aantal kleuren:Let op! De kleuren kunnen iets afwijken door de instellingen van uw computerscherm en de kwaliteit van uw printer. Steels Explained Annealing (Metallurgy) Heat Treating · Translate this pageBy agreement this steel can be supplied with the addition of lead (Pb) 0.15-0.35% Calcium (Ca) treatment may be supplied on request Temperature C Hot forming Normalizing 1150-850. 880 air (HB -187) Isothermal annealing 870 furnace cooling to 650 after, air. Core hardening 860-900 oil, polymer, salt bath Spheroidizing

Surface hardening of steel using a high power diode laser

Request PDF Surface hardening of steel using a high power diode laser Heat treating the surface of medium carbon steels to produce a hardened layer whilst retaining a tough core is widespread The Influence on Brittle of Microstructure of Laser Have studied microstructure of the gas nitriding layer and the laser quenching/ nitriding layer using the X-ray diffractometer and the transmission electron microscope to the brittl of nitriding layer. The results show that the content of Fe3N in composite nitrided layer increased from 14.74% to the 69.45%, while the crisp hard -Fe2N content dropped from 79.95%to 25.03%, Especially the Cr2N Microstructure and properties of 38CrMoAl steel treated by The laser surface hardening on 38CrMoAl steel was carried out using a continuous wave CO2 laser. The hardened depth and the hardness distribution in the cross-section of the hardened layer were