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API 5L X42 PSL2 Seamless Pipe Grade B X42 PSL1 ERW Pipe

API 5L X42 pipe also known L290 pipe (by ISO 3183), named by minimum yield strength 42100 Psi or 290 Mpa. x42 pipes is an low-medium level and used in oil and gas industries. API 5L X52 pipe is also known L360 Pipe , X52 (L360) named by minimum yield strength 52 Ksi (360 Mpa). API 5L X42 Pipe - Carbon Steel Seamless and Welded Pipe The two digit number following the X in the API 5L X42 Erw denotes the Minimum Yield Strength of pipe produced under this alloy grade in 000's psi. Hence, in this instance, the minimum yield strength of grade X42 would denote a value of about 42000 PSI. While a Non-destructive inspection of a seamless pipe is deemed as mandatory for API 5L X42

API 5L X42 Pipe Grade X42 Carbon Steel Seamless/ ERW

The API 5L X42 Pipe is used in natural gas industries, oil refineries and in water lines. These API 5L Grade X42 Seamless Pipe have a minimum yield strength of 42000PSI and a minimum tensile strength of 60000PSI. There are variations of the pipes that are made in seamless and welded conditions. API 5L X42 Pipe Mechanical Properties - Knowledge - GNEE API 5L X42 pipe is an ultra-low or low carbon steel micro alloy pipe. API 5L X42 Pipe Mechanical Properties. API 5L X42 Pipe Yield Strength & Tensile Strength - PSL1 and PSL2. Pipe Grade:Tensile Properties - X42 Pipe Body of SMLS and Welded Pipes PSL 1:Seam of X42 Welded Pipe: API 5L X65 PSL2 Pipe Grade X65 Seamless/ ERW Carbon API 5L X65 Pipe is high yield material meant for transportation of liquids over distance pipe lines. ISO 3183 L450 material have the minimum yield strength of 65000PSI and the minimum tensile strength of 77000PSI. API 5L X65 Seamless Pipe has two different product specifications. The PSL1 and PSL2 could be used interchangeably but the API 5L

API 5L, GR.BX42 X4652X56X60X65X70

API 5L Standard aims to gas and water in oil and gas industry for reference, which is used for seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe,including common port and port, pipe socket port and direct stream tube (TFL) and port has for a particular connection tube processing. API 5L Standard is including steel grade(GR.BX42 X4652X56X60X65X70). Api 5l X42 Pipe Psl2/ Psl1 and L290 Seamless/ Welded/ ERW In the event that it's not all that much difficulty, note This is an expected Price of Api 5l X42 Seamless Pipe in India. Mercifully don't stop for a second to connect with us latest Api 5l X42 Erw Pipe Price in India. Furthermore compare our Price and other Api 5l X42 Pipe Suppliers in India and China.High Yield Strength Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe and Tubes Yield Strength:Tensile Strength :Yield to Tensile :Elongation:min. (KSI) min. (KSI) Ratio (max) % API 5L X42:42:60:0.93:23:API 5L X52:52:66:0.93:21:API 5L X60:60:75:0.93:23:API 5L X65:65:77:0.93:18:API 5L X70:70:82:0.93:17