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Celebrating 28 years of manufacturing Precision Rotary Tables, Stepper Motors, Encoders, and Intelligent Controllers for your CNC Machining, Automation, and Measurements. Easy ordering for military and government--now listed on SAM, call for number. Shipped to 70 countries, most Universities, 100 Army, Navy, Air Force bases. Manual Rotary Table Sherline ProductsSherlines rotary table is a precision piece of equipment that has been designed to work with their vertical milling machines, however, it can be used on any mill whenever the small 4-inch size would be an advantage. The only limits are size, not complexity. The table is 2 high and 4 (100mm) in diameter. The main components have been

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The 300 Series tables feature a rigid pair of quality angular contact bearings which produce smooth table top rotation. The low backlash precision worm gear drive provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability. All aluminum components have a black anodized finish and each table can have either a NEMA 23 or 34 motor mount attached. PT-GD201 203 and 204 Stepper Motorized Electric Rotary Stepper Motorized Rotary Table. New design the key index has up to the international level of the similar products by strict inspection. This series product is used for laser precision processing, three-dimensional scanning measurement system,s and so on. Worm and worm wheel has adopted durable to friction material, high reliable accuracy of Precision Rotary Table Factory, Custom Precision Rotary Welcome to one of the largest China B2B marketplace. This precision rotary table company list contains a wide range of precision rotary table factories serving all industries. This trusted vertical directory contains premier China suppliers/vendors, trading companies, custom manufacturers (OEM/ODM) and plants.

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The 200RT Series Rotary Tables are designed for precise motor-driven rotary positioning and indexing. These tables are designed to function independently or in conjunction with linear tables used for precision automation applications. Their low profile design minimizes stack height in multi-axis configurations and enables them to fit in many places where other motorized rotary devices cannot. Precision Rotation Stage, High Resolution Rotary Direct Drive, Absolute Encoder Option. 35mm aperture, 100mm turn table. 1µrad min. inc. motion. 2880°/sec max. velocity. 10kg load. Torque motor. Sine/cosine or absolute encoder. Details. Direct Drive Rotation Stages, Ultra-High Precision Air Bearings. Professional and Advanced motorized rotary table - motorized rotary table at for all types of measurement, test, and diagnosis purposes for your eyes. These profound. motorized rotary table are high precision equipment and are made of superior quality materials for enhanced performances and durability. These products are equipped with the most advanced technologies for unparalleled performance and are operated by reliable software,

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The ROTAB rotary table line, manufactured by Technical Rotary Services, is one of the most recognized rotary table lines in the world. Developed in 1942, ROTAB's are used in many industries to accurately rotate and position a work piece to extremely close tolerances Rotary table, Turntable - All industrial manufacturers motor-driven rotary table 21160. horizontal small automatic. motor-driven rotary table. 21160. Diameter:150, 80, 54 mm. The base and circular positioning tables are made out of anodized aluminium alloy. The self-locking spindle is made from steel and its slide bearing is maintenance-free. Velmex Inc - Positioning Systems for Science and IndustryVelmex is a leading US manufacturer of precision positioning systems for science and industry supplying both linear and rotary stages and tables. Products are American-made in upstate New York.

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The TT101 series of Rotary tables from KITAGAWA are capable of tilting from -20 to +120°. It is engineered with a 140 millimeter center, and a 32 millimeter spindle through hole diameter. When the unit motor-driven rotary table BG series